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[036] Some art recs

Some of the amazing art I've come across looking for recs this month. Also, I am rebelling against every piece of XMFC art being named XMFC or X-Men: First Class! If that's the name of your art, I will dub it something different in my rec post, JSYK. Otherwise they would all be named "XMFC," and that gets awfully boring.

Are you digging around in here, Charles? Whatever are you looking for? by [tumblr.com profile] roymustangs
Possibly one of my favorite original-trilogy-era graphics in the X-Men fandom. I can't even tell you why I love it so much - the caps chosen, the quote, the colorizations...I just love it.

Storm by guon--22 on DA
Awesome black-and-white ink drawing of old-school HBIC Storm from the comics.

Renamed! Get Your Badass On by MARCIOABREU7 on DA
Equally fabulous black-and-white pen drawing of Gambit, Rogue and Wolverine from the comics.

Expecto Patronum by tangerine-skye on DA
There seems to be a trend lately to cross everything over with Harry Potter, and so Charles and Erik have been sorted into Hufflepuff and Slytherin. And discovered their patroni. And of course Charles' patronus is a rat. And of course Erik's patronus is a shark. Also, they make adorable chibis (but don't tell Erik! :D)

Renamed! Bombs bursting in air by zerinku on DA
A beautiful digital painting of the Beach Divorce, complete with the falling rockets in the sky.

I found you again by waterylt on DA
(I have dubbed this wheelchair!ceiling!Charles) Utterly adorable. She has even more adorable arts on her tumblr.

Rogue by cicar5lli on DA
Fantastic pencil drawing of Rogue from the first movie.

Kurt Wagner by nraza on DA
Cute pencil drawing of Evolution-era Kurt. He looks annoyed :)

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This is very true...

What American accent do you have?
Created by Xavier on Memegen.net

Neutral. Not Northern, Southern, or Western, just American. Your national American identity is more important to you than your local identity, because you don't really have a local identity to begin with.

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
We're going to start with "cot" and "caught." When you say those words do they sound the same or different?

...which makes me wonder why someone once told me I had a British-ish accent.

Also! The question about Roof annoyed me, because I pronounce it multiple ways depending on the words that came before or are coming after it. Usually it sounds kinda like Ruff, but sometimes I pronounce it to sound like Food (the "oo" sound, I mean).
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Big Bangs

So remember how I mentioned I'd gotten over my head in fandom and Big Bangs earlier? I thought I'd show off my work :P

For i_reversebang:
Ariadne ends up with more than she bargained with when she offers to carry Arthur and Eames' baby.

For spn_j2_bigbang:
The Road to Awe and Wonder
It is 700 AD and the world lies in ruin, the Dark Ages come to life. The Roman Empire has crumbled into something altogether new, Medieval Europe, hanging on to the remnants of Roman civilization while being shaped by the church.

In this land of relics and shrines knight Jensen of Ackerley wanders grief-stricken and purposeless until he takes on the challenge of guiding Lady Alona on a pilgrimage. Accompanied by the orphaned street thief Tristan of Jare, they travel from France to Rome to the center of the world - Jerusalem - across the glittering Mediterranean, facing dangers of the body and soul, the heart and mind.

When the wall crumbles for good, Sam loses all touch on reality, and Dean soon follows suit. Without any other options, Dean consults Castiel, who proposes an extreme solution: soul bondage. And although this is probably the worst plan in a line of really terrible ideas, Dean doesn't even hesitate, and the consequences of his actions spin out of control. Even as Sam and Dean begin to deal with their forced proximity and the even more disastrous emotional effect of their bond, a group of demons begin to promote anarchy in a little town in Nevada.

For kradambigbang:
His Royal Highness, Princess Kristopher (Also on DW)
Kris Allen had known that he wasn't going to spend the rest of his life doing nothing but charity work. He's made it his main focus over the years, but as Crown Prince of Arkansas, he'd known that it wasn't going to last forever. Kings can't exactly spend the majority of their reign in other countries helping other people and neglecting their own. Still, Kris had thought he had a few more years of freedom before he'd have to give up taking such an active role in his work. Then his parents arrange a marriage for him...

Shine Like the Stars (On the Serpent's Scales)
Kris is framed for a crime he didn't commit and he's on the run from a militant band of usurpers. A surprise attack has him counting the seconds to death, but he's saved by a mythical creature thought the world over as extinct. His name is Adam, a naga, a snake man out of legend and story book, and with his help, Kris starts his journey to uncover the mystery of his exile.

I'm also signed up to do art for the xmenbigbang come October, which is when my icons (the girls of AI S10's Top 13, 150 minimum) for [community profile] ladiesbigbang will be due.
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I did this to myself; why did I do this to myself?

For ai_snapshots

Table #1: David Cook & Haley Reinhart, fic and art (A Little Less Conversation)

01. scrabble 02. capitulate 03. truckle 04. serenade 05. apologize
06. converse 07. declare 08. secret 09. slide 10. scrawl
11. regret 12. bind 13. exhale 14. urge 15. respite
16. trust 17. crave 18. converge 19. linger 20. cover

Table #2: David Cook/Haley Reinhart, fic and art (Every Cliche in the Book)

01. arranged marriage 02. wings 03. soul-bonding 04. fuck or die 05. body swap
06. fake rake 07. amnesia 08. ugly duckling 09. trapped! 10. mistaken identity
11. indecent proposal 12. supernatural creatures 13. chance encounter 14. telepathy 15. geographical isolation
16. super powers 17. crossover 18. crackfic 19. doppelgangers 20. fake dating
21. healing sex 22. sex pollen 23. age swap 24. high school au 25. non-famous au
26. summer romance 27. sex god/dess 28. apocalypses 29. pregnancy/kidfic 30. secret identity
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Fundraiser for Children in Somalia

Some particular favorites of mine thus far:

How It Works:

I like reel challenges, but as far as I know they're supposed to be movie fusions only. I'd kinda like to include TV shows as well. We can have a list of shows/movies/etc and have people claim one as a prompt. Since a regular round here is a month, I think giving them three weeks to create something would be enough.

I think we can get a variety of works with something like this.

Accepted Fanworks: Anything you can come up with.

How It Works: Create a fanwork based on a song. It can be something from Kris or Adam's albums. It can be something they've covered. It can be a fic about how a theme week was different on Idol, and what songs they chose. The sky's the limit, you just have to involve a song.
Dates: (it would be cool to tie this with Music in Our Schools Month, but that's March, so I'll say open-ended)
Accepted Fanworks: ANYTHING. Write a fic. Create a fanmix. Embroider something with lyrics. Post a YouTube video of yourself dressed as on of the boys singing the song of your choice.
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Fandomly Me

Things to do in the next few months/Early New Years Resolutions:

1) Learn time management skills (aka how to get off your butt and do your homework and fan projects in a timely fashion so you aren't flailing and panicking and scrambling to get things done two hours before your posting deadline/homework is due)
2) Create at least one piece of art for a fandom before you sign up for said fandom's big bang. (Honestly. You only did that for one fandom this year. One. That is not acceptable. Big Bang art should not be your only fandom-related output.)

I went from an epic lurkerdom of many years to eight big bangs (all art, dear God no I didn't write eight big bangs) in five different fandoms in one year, plus [community profile] junetide, all while going to school full time. This is not me. Why did I ever attempt to do this?

1 for i_reversebang (complete!)
2 for spn_j2_bigbang (complete!)
2 for kradambigbang (one down, one posting Thursday, dear God, I need to finish things...)
1 for [community profile] ladiesbigbang (due the beginning of October!)
2 for xmenbigbang (claims go up the beginning of October!)

I've also done a litle beta'ing for people, I'm doing art recs for X-Men over at [community profile] fanart_recs, and I'm cheerleading someone working on their own BB. I've never had any experience with cheerleaders before, so I've been making it up as I go along - hopefully it's been helpful? I just need to remind myself that a cheerleader is not a beta.

Speaking of cheerleading, I got one for my Ladies BB! And I just realized that she is in fact one of the moderators. That is both comforting and terrifying. 8-|
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Fun with Family (Not)

So I've made no secret of the fact that I intensely dislike my brother-in-law. So why did I end up using him as my actor for my film final? Seriously, anyone else would've been better. Even Baby Brother would've taken it more seriously, and that's saying something. Ugh.

At least we managed to get almost everything filmed yesterday, though I don't blame everyone for being sick of it by the time we called it quits. We filmed for almost seven hours, which seems incredibly excessive for a 5-minute film until you realize that only about an hour of that was actually with the camera rolling. The other half was wardrobe change, multiple takes, breakfast/lunch break, fiddling with camera settings and angles, and probably a two-hour break where he flat-out refused to do anything but play his video game.

Hopefully, what we have left to film today won't take any longer than two hours. And if it does, I'm gonna say "screw it" and work with what I've got. I know he's going to be a whiny brat today, which sucks because the final two scenes - the most important scenes in the film - still need to be done. And if he doesn't get his butt in gear in enough time for us to film today, well, sucks for him, 'cause we're gonna have to film tomorrow, and that's when I need to start editing. The full, completed film is due on Thursday (note to self: don't forget the toaster!), and the actual final is on Tuesday. I've gotta have my footage by Tuesday at the latest.

I still don't know what I'm going to do for the audio, either. :S

I need a photography icon...
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So we technically only have to shoot two actual films in Videography - one we've already done, and the other is the final. He handed out the assignment two weeks ago - it took me until three hours before the treatments/storyboards were due on Thursday for me to come up with a vaguely workable idea (I don't think in moving pictures, which is a major drawback: details here). I have since this morning been forced to discard that idea and wrack my brains for a second one because the actors (who I literally couldn't have asked any earlier) refused to get up early in the morning, have said second idea shot down, scramble desperately for a third, and have my actor back down because "that sounds like too much work, sorry." I am still scrambling. MPreg is being seriously considered. This is my bloody final. If I don't have raw footage to show in class at 1000 Tuesday, I won't get any better than a C. You'd think family would be a little more caring.

To top it all off, I'm pretty sure I flunked my math test (again), I've got three different Big Bangs that need to be worked on over this weekend, one of which posts on Tuesday Monday and I don't have anything better than the original rough draft (artist's block - always at the most inconvenient time), and I've already had to cancel my birthday lunch because whether I like it or not, I have to film something tomorrow, however shitty it may be, and I'm just having a shitty month, OK? The crying in the title is literal.

(The long and nasty version is on DW; flocked, though, sorry.)