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Various Recs!

I'm mainly doing this so I can get rid of the 100+ tabs I've got sitting open...

The Devil You Know by Hella / Hella on AO3
X-Men: First Class | ~15,000 words | Charles Xavier, Azazel, (Erik Lehnsherr) | PG-13 | non-paralyzed Charles
Summary: Charles Xavier thought that waking up powerless and imprisoned by a mutant research facility was the worst thing that could happen to him. Then Azazel turned up. A tale of fast friendship and why choosing the lesser of two evils can have unexpected results.
Because: I really love her characterization of Azazel in this, and the hint of either a friendship or more to come.

Apple Seeds by pprfaith
X-Men: First Class | ~3,700 | Charles Xavier, Erik Lenhsherr | R | Heed the author's warnings
Summary: Charles, Erik, apple seeds and Shakespearean love affairs.
Because: It will make you ache. Utterly beautiful, lyrical writing in a stark contrast to the subject matter.

Theory and Practice by Red
Sherlock BBC | ~3,000 words | Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, implied Sherlock/John | R | His Dark Materials fusion
Summary: Sherlock's never had much control over his daemon, and when she gets the plan to initiate a bit of human-daemon relations with his flatmate, well... He finds himself just along for the ride.
Because: Just like every fandom should have a vid to Mulan's "Be A Man" (which, by the way, Sherlock does not have - someone get on that!), every fandom should also have a His Dark Materials fusion. This one is particularly awesome because of John's daemon, which is exactly what we dubbed him in a Carpe Brewski watchalong.

The Perils of Urban Warfare by phantomjam
Sherlock BBC | ~7,300 words | Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, John's therapist, Sherlock/John | PG-13
Summary: The problems of acclimatising to civilian life a.k.a the travails of John, his therapist and Sherlock.
Because: While most people assume and at least mention that John must re-acclimatize to civilian life, most fics don't go into it at the depth that this one does. I love the military comparisons, and his battle with his therapist.

21 Seconds in Which Sherlock Holmes Was Wrong by Solshine
Sherlock BBC | ~800 words | Sherlock Holmes, John Watson | G
Summary: He’s in shock. It’s the only explanation for why, as he looks at John standing by the pool, Sherlock ignores the clues and concludes only that his friend was Moriarty all along. He’s never been in shock before. But then, he’s never had a friend before.
Because: Sherlock's internal deductions, and the conclusions he reaches, are rather heartbreaking, and - from his perspective - rather ominous.

Performance in a Leading Role by Mad_Lori
Sherlock BBC | ~102,000 words and counting | Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, ensemble (Sherlock/John) | NC-17 | Acting AU (not RPS), WIP
Summary: Sherlock Holmes is an Oscar winner in the midst of a career slump. John Watson is an Everyman actor trapped in the rom-com ghetto. When they are cast as a gay couple in a new independent drama, will they surprise each other? Will their on-screen romance make its way into the real world?
Because: It is damn awesome, that's why! Brilliant portrayal of both men, and it doesn't end where you'd expect it to, with the ending of filming, but keeps going. Every emotion here feels genuine, the challenges real, and your heart just breaks for them. It's a huge commitment, yes, but oh, so worth it.

Old tales I remember of men long ago by imperfectcirle
Thor | ~2,100 words | Loki, Heimdall | R
Summary: Loki's life as seen by Heimdall
Because: Heimdall is an awesome being, and while he's still portrayed as an observer, here he's an invested observer. He will give him his forth name.

Uru by sheffiesharpe
Thor | ~6,000 words | Jane Foster, Thor, Darcy Lewis, Sif, Warriors Three (Thor/Jane) | Original Mythological Cat
Summary: Thor cannot look after Jane, no matter how he wants to. Hogun offers a solution. Puente Antiguo receives another unexpected visitor.
Because: No one ever suspects the cat.

Camaraderie by gqgqqt
The Avengers (2012) | ~1,500 words | Tony Stark, Steve Rogers | G
Summary: Steve plays Mario Kart and has a blast.
Because: Mario Kart makes everything better. Tony builds a Fortress of Death (TM) in Battle mode, and is a more caring human being than he tends to let on. Steve is happy.

Holding the Pose by house_of_lantis
American Idol S8 | ~13,000 and counting | Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Simon Cowell (Kris/Adam) | figure modeling AU
Summary: Kris is in his last year at UC-Berkeley’s School of Music and he needs to come up with enough money to record his demo as part of his final portfolio project. He finds out that the eccentric Professor Simon Cowell is looking for a nude model for his senior seminar drawing course and Kris applies for the job, desperate for the money. What he didn’t know was that the job comes with a gorgeous male partner named Adam and that all of the poses are sexual.
Because: I'm a little biased because this was written for my prompt. :P But seriously, it is fantastic, with shy, unprepared!Kris and lots (and lots) of sex. :D

the boy with the bubblegun by kaydeefalls
X-Men: First Class | Erik Lehnsherr | 2:54 | The Boy With the Bubblegun by Tom McRae
for I am born to be what I must be.

Charles will make a man out of you by VilyaXxX011wyna
X-Men: First Class | ensemble | 1:25
The XMFC fandom Be A Man fanvid. It was inevitable. It is awesome.

Mind Heist by SiYunShi
Thor | Loki | 2:10
Loki character study
Tags: american idol, sherlock, thor, x-men

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