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[045] Bit of an etiquette question

And just to clarify, this isn’t currently a concern for me, beyond the fact that I do own a gun, and will eventually have to deal with this.

What are your thoughts on roommates owning guns, and keeping them in the house? When I lived with my roommates, there was a situation (not involving them) where I would have felt much more comfortable and secure with a gun, but because my roommate was uncomfortable with guns, I settled for a stun gun. I felt much more comfortable when I moved back in with my parents and was able to purchase a gun then. It is kept in a locked gun safe, and the only people with keys are myself and my dad (who keeps the shotguns there).

But when you’re moving in with someone else, and you’re already in possession of a gun, at what point in the conversation do you bring that information up? Do you bring that information up, or do you leave it be? I’m of a mind to be sure before you start actually moving your belongings in that you should let them know as a courtesy, but your thoughts? Do you show them proof of registration? Do you tell them before you’ve signed anything, or after? How much of a sticking point is it, if you’re on the other side of the equation and someone’s moving in and you’re uncomfortable with guns, like my roommate was? How much of a difference, if any, does a locked gun safe make?

Also, at what point, if any, do you notify the landlord? I’ve not personally had to deal with a lease before, so is gun notification/control something that’s normally mentioned/included?

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