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[043] San Diego in July

I took a jaunt to San Diego in July of last year - not realizing that it was the same weekend as Comic Con. Considering I hadn't made any sort of plans other than my intent to visit Los Angeles and San Diego and get lost (both of which I accomplished, in both cities, so there's that), you can imagine my frustration trying to find a hotel room for Saturday night at ~midnight. I ended up staying a night at a sorority house for my Tau Beta Sigma, my sister's sorority. I spent the rest of the time at the Marina Inn, not a block from the Inner Harbor. I loved it there. San Diego is a beautiful city.

The room where I stayed in Los Angeles. It was marvelous, and I wished I'd stayed there more than just the one night.

One of the ships in the Maritime Museum, whose name I can't remember off the top of my head. I loved touring them all.

The Star of India, which was featured in an episode of Dirty Jobs.

The pirate ship that fired on us at the restaurant (literally). This is right before it fired its cannon the first time. It shook the whole restaurant, despite being that far out.

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