Orvana (helenorvana) wrote,

[039] You guys...

...you guys. I am making a family tree that covers 1060 years, 20+ generations, and 150+ actors and actresses. Why yes, I am finding actors, actresses, musicians, celebrities, etc that look similar enough to be considered family over a period of generations, all relating eventually back to Kris Allen, why do you ask? The canvas size is literally 6 feet by 10 feet, and it's not big enough. All of this work, and you want to know the kicker? The story hasn't even been written yet.

Someone save me from my insanity. Except not really, because when it isn't making me pull my hair out in frustration, it's utterly engrossing and proof of my utter ridiculousness. And my stubbornness - by now, I refuse to quit until it's bloody well finished.

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Tags: american idol, art, i am insane, kradam

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