March 7th, 2012

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Andromeda thoughts

There are some fandoms which I love dearly and yet have no desire whatsoever to read fic for. Andromeda is one of those, and I can’t quite figure out why. It’s not that I don’t find myself invested in it - I truly enjoy it, and I love (most) of the characters, and I love the setting. But I just don’t want to read fic. Or rather, I suppose I’d enjoy reading fic if it were entirely gen and character-study sort of fic, but I don’t actually want to read anything with a good deal of plot, and absolutely no PWPs. Which, if you know me, the latter isn’t really a surprise but the first definitely is. But the fandom is small enough that I really doubt such stuff exists.

The only ship in Andromeda that is almost blatant in canon (Andromeda succeeds in being one of the few shows I enjoy that really comes off as entirely gen except for a small, understandable handful of cases) is Harper/Tyr. And while I genuinely love Harper, and would normally read slash because it’s the only thing available, I just can’t stand Tyr, and it’s a strong enough dislike that I just can’t talk myself into reading Harper/Tyr fic just for the sake of reading Andromeda fic.

Yes, I’ve been on a bit of an Andromeda kick the last week or so, re-watching my favorite episodes. My favorite character tends to oscillate between Trance and Rommie/Andromeda, because the concept of both is utterly fascinating. When Trance was describing her fellow Avatar in one of the earlier seasons, who’d incited a civil war because “he was bored” - that’s fascinating. Yes, I already used that word, but whatever. Think about it. The avatar of a sun is nearly as old as the sun - the star - itself, and that’s old. How would such incredible age affect behavior and personality? And Rommie/Andromeda has the potential for age in an entirely different capacity, of an artificial intelligence with specific programming, as a warship. That’s both terrifying and astounding. Characters with incredible life spans have always intrigued me - that’s why most aliens in my own original novel tend to live hundreds of years, and there is at least one that counts its age in millions of years.

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