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(I'll have some strange ones...)
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7th-Mar-2012 08:08 pm - Andromeda thoughts
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There are some fandoms which I love dearly and yet have no desire whatsoever to read fic for. Andromeda is one of those, and I can’t quite figure out why. It’s not that I don’t find myself invested in it - I truly enjoy it, and I love (most) of the characters, and I love the setting. But I just don’t want to read fic. Or rather, I suppose I’d enjoy reading fic if it were entirely gen and character-study sort of fic, but I don’t actually want to read anything with a good deal of plot, and absolutely no PWPs. Which, if you know me, the latter isn’t really a surprise but the first definitely is. But the fandom is small enough that I really doubt such stuff exists.

The only ship in Andromeda that is almost blatant in canon (Andromeda succeeds in being one of the few shows I enjoy that really comes off as entirely gen except for a small, understandable handful of cases) is Harper/Tyr. And while I genuinely love Harper, and would normally read slash because it’s the only thing available, I just can’t stand Tyr, and it’s a strong enough dislike that I just can’t talk myself into reading Harper/Tyr fic just for the sake of reading Andromeda fic.

Yes, I’ve been on a bit of an Andromeda kick the last week or so, re-watching my favorite episodes. My favorite character tends to oscillate between Trance and Rommie/Andromeda, because the concept of both is utterly fascinating. When Trance was describing her fellow Avatar in one of the earlier seasons, who’d incited a civil war because “he was bored” - that’s fascinating. Yes, I already used that word, but whatever. Think about it. The avatar of a sun is nearly as old as the sun - the star - itself, and that’s old. How would such incredible age affect behavior and personality? And Rommie/Andromeda has the potential for age in an entirely different capacity, of an artificial intelligence with specific programming, as a warship. That’s both terrifying and astounding. Characters with incredible life spans have always intrigued me - that’s why most aliens in my own original novel tend to live hundreds of years, and there is at least one that counts its age in millions of years.

Ridiculous plotting of an Andromeda/Vorkosigan Saga crossover under hereCollapse )
12th-Feb-2012 07:22 pm - Playing around with stuff
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We're learning how to make GIFs in my graphics class at the moment. I know, I know, old hat for most of you. But new for me! This is my meager offering:

Err, well, I'll figure out how to make it play at some other point. For now, just click through, I s'pose. :S
4th-Feb-2012 05:15 pm - (No, I promise I'm not spamming)
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Pro Camera Giveaway: Canon 5MKII or Nikon D700

MCPActions is giving away your choice of Canon or Nikon professional grade DSLR cameras. If you’re not familiar these cameras run at over $2,000 new.

This giveaway ends February 19 and the winner will be announced on February 21 on the MCP Blog.
25th-Dec-2011 02:34 pm - (no subject)
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18th-Sep-2011 06:27 pm - Various Recs!
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I'm mainly doing this so I can get rid of the 100+ tabs I've got sitting open...

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13th-Sep-2011 11:51 pm - [045] Bit of an etiquette question
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And just to clarify, this isn’t currently a concern for me, beyond the fact that I do own a gun, and will eventually have to deal with this.

What are your thoughts on roommates owning guns, and keeping them in the house? When I lived with my roommates, there was a situation (not involving them) where I would have felt much more comfortable and secure with a gun, but because my roommate was uncomfortable with guns, I settled for a stun gun. I felt much more comfortable when I moved back in with my parents and was able to purchase a gun then. It is kept in a locked gun safe, and the only people with keys are myself and my dad (who keeps the shotguns there).

But when you’re moving in with someone else, and you’re already in possession of a gun, at what point in the conversation do you bring that information up? Do you bring that information up, or do you leave it be? I’m of a mind to be sure before you start actually moving your belongings in that you should let them know as a courtesy, but your thoughts? Do you show them proof of registration? Do you tell them before you’ve signed anything, or after? How much of a sticking point is it, if you’re on the other side of the equation and someone’s moving in and you’re uncomfortable with guns, like my roommate was? How much of a difference, if any, does a locked gun safe make?

Also, at what point, if any, do you notify the landlord? I’ve not personally had to deal with a lease before, so is gun notification/control something that’s normally mentioned/included?

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7th-Sep-2011 12:32 pm - [044] Ladies Big Bang
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ladiesbigbang: a female-centric panfanwork big bang challenge
[community profile] ladiesbigbang: a female-centric panfanwork big bang challenge.
Optional sign-ups open June 1-30th, final drafts due October 1st.
sign-ups: creators | cheerleaders | betas
info: minimums | rules & guidelines | pinch hitting

They just opened up projects for complementary claims here. Anyone can claim a project, whether they've been participating up until now or not.

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4th-Sep-2011 05:05 pm - [043] San Diego in July
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I took a jaunt to San Diego in July of last year - not realizing that it was the same weekend as Comic Con. Considering I hadn't made any sort of plans other than my intent to visit Los Angeles and San Diego and get lost (both of which I accomplished, in both cities, so there's that), you can imagine my frustration trying to find a hotel room for Saturday night at ~midnight. I ended up staying a night at a sorority house for my Tau Beta Sigma, my sister's sorority. I spent the rest of the time at the Marina Inn, not a block from the Inner Harbor. I loved it there. San Diego is a beautiful city.

The room where I stayed in Los Angeles. It was marvelous, and I wished I'd stayed there more than just the one night.

San Diego in JulyCollapse )

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14th-Aug-2011 03:38 pm - [039] You guys...
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...you guys. I am making a family tree that covers 1060 years, 20+ generations, and 150+ actors and actresses. Why yes, I am finding actors, actresses, musicians, celebrities, etc that look similar enough to be considered family over a period of generations, all relating eventually back to Kris Allen, why do you ask? The canvas size is literally 6 feet by 10 feet, and it's not big enough. All of this work, and you want to know the kicker? The story hasn't even been written yet.

Someone save me from my insanity. Except not really, because when it isn't making me pull my hair out in frustration, it's utterly engrossing and proof of my utter ridiculousness. And my stubbornness - by now, I refuse to quit until it's bloody well finished.

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9th-Aug-2011 03:12 am - [037] A Meme
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The problem with blogging: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you!

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